BA.KU / BT.HN - Ritual Totemic Stone LP 25143

BA.KU / BT.HN - Ritual Totemic Stone LP 25143
Edition of 99 copies. "In addition to numerous The Rita releases, McKinlay branched out and engaged in several collaborations and side projects while also contributing to the soundtrack for the Barrier Kult skate horde video work. Among McKinlay's musical side projects was the superb Ba.Ku. In 2005, McKinlay released a handful of tapes under this moniker, before changing it to BT.HN., reserving the name Ba.Ku./Barrier Kult exclusively for their skate-related activities. Originally released by Trash Ritual in 2005 under the name Ba.Ku. and later re-released as BT.HN., the “Ritual Totemic Stone” cassette showcased a markedly different style for McKinlay. The sound on “Ritual Totemic Stone” was sharper, darker, and more dynamic, tending more toward heavy Power Electronics with high-end feedback and indistinct vocals emerging from behind the sort of immense walls for which McKinlay is more customarily known. Drawing both sonic and conceptual inspiration from raw and bestial Black Metal, BT.HN. began incorporating samples from obscure horror films and a new aesthetic sensibility that, at that time, had not been fully explored in the Harsh Noise scene; indeed, the overlapping attributes of Black Metal and Noise were only just beginning to be explored."