Kink Gong - Dian Long: Soundscape China / Destruction of Chinese Pop 2LP 27961

Kink Gong - Dian Long: Soundscape China / Destruction of Chinese Pop 2LP 27961
“Before becoming KINK GONG I had different names, one of my projects, designed by cultural circumstances in China at the beginning of the 21st Century, was DIAN LONG (electric dragon in Chinese). Starting a very long trip to nowhere I landed in Shanghai in 2000, with my gear in my bag in order to make music and recordings of whatever. Faced with the cruel tendency of modern China to reject tradition and embrace full on bling bling culture, my option was to attack this music industry commercial flavour by destroying it. I had in my bag a faithful portable CD player who knew how to turn syrup into crystal. Later, reaching Yunnan in 2001, I discovered the reality away from the bling bling of eastern towns and did a realistic soundscape of it.”

A1 Soundscape China pt1 - Morning school exercises in Baoshan, Yunnan 2001, electronic, sounds from various films on TV Kunming, Yunnan 2001 BAI duet from a tape, Dali, Yunnan 2001, electronic
B1 Soundscape China pt2 - Beijing opera, electronic, chinese pop skipping CD Shanghai 2000, sounds from the street Dali 2002, Miao songs and Lushen, train in Guizhou 2001 (recorded by Hubert Decque), tool to separate the whool Dali 2002, village by the river, electronic, chinese new year Dali 2002

started in Shanghai in 2000, made mostly from skipping CDs of Chinese pop songs and further recomposed in Kunming (China), Vientiane (Laos) 2001 and Paris 2002