Inuit - Historical Recordings (1905-1987) 2LP 27283
[Sub Rosa]

Inuit - Historical Recordings (1905-1987) 2LP 27283
Recorded in several places in Greenland and Canada from 1905 to 1987. Compiled by the Danish ethnomusicologist Michael Hauser for his book 'Traditional Greenlandic Music' published by ULO in 1992, edited by Karsten Sommer. This record, published a few years ago only in Greenland by Ulo, released on Sub Rosa in 2000.

This is more than an hour of ultra-rare documents. It makes the point of a century of Inuit recordings! The complete booklet includes many notes, comments and photos. Voices recorded almost a hundred years ago in Greenland on wax glader cylinder... for today, hearing a lost shamanic story, a duel-song, a mournful melody... This record presents a unique collection of drumdance and songs -55 historical recordings of traditional Greenlandic music recorded between 1905 (by British ethnologist William Thalbitzer) and 1987, and collected by Danish ethnomusicologist Michael Hauser. This is - beyond the document in itself - a way to get lost in time and space. What is greatly astonishing is to discover how these people are close to ourself - hope, happiness, mourning... humanity is right there.

Immiussaq una nalinginnaanngilluinnartuuvoq. Arnat pingasut erinnap pingaarnersaa erinarsoraat angutinit pingasunit hoho-ho-tortunik ingiorneqarput. Taallai imaapput: "Timmissap piaraa ulluminit tingivoq vijutiju ja, ja", angotillu akuttoqatigiissaartumik nilliallattarlutik inguinerat qanga Kalaallit Nunaanni tamarmi qilaammik ingiorteqarluni erinarsortarnermut taartaasutut atorneqartoq ilimagineqarpoq. 1906-imi erinarsuut atorneqarmat qilaammik atugaqartoqanngilaq immaqa aserorsimagami

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