Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music CD 20575
[Sub Rosa]

Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music CD 20575
Recorded by John Levy in 1971, originally released in 1972 by Lyrischord Discs, New York; reissued in 2006 by Sub Rosa. The follow-up to John Levy's astonishing 'Tibetan Buddhist Rites from The Monasteries of Bhutan', this second volume again sees the London ethnomusicologist (fit that on your passport!) delving deep within a sacred culture and bringing out a clutch of affecting material. Combining together the Tibetan and Bhutanese tradition of lutes and fiddle, the spectrum of field recordings included here range from the borderline Delta Blues of Go-Te Do-Pe through to the haunting percussive rattles perpetrated by Tibetan Monks. Having somehow gained access to the most private of ceremonies, Levy has allowed those of us unlikely to ever see the Himalayas from anything other than a plane window to access some of the bewildering array of cultural fabric that has bound this remote region for centuries. About as far from a dry and worthy collection as it's possible to get, ' Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music Vol. 2' makes the title ethnomusicologist seem as appealing as it is vowel-heavy, whilst delivering a stringent diktat on the wealth of material beyond our Western-musical borders.

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