Early Field Recordings from Java (Lestari) CD 26506

Early Field Recordings from Java (Lestari) CD 26506
The Hood Collection of Early Field Recordings from Java 1957-58. CD with 92-page booklet.

Traditional gamelan musicians of Yogya, Solo and Bandung: Hardja Susilo / children's gamelan orchestra / Bapak Tjakrawasita / Nji Woro Laksmi / Bapak Karija Pangarsa / Bapak Hardijarita / Ono Sukarna / Uking Sukri / Bapak Otaria / Chorus of male and female vocalists along with full gamelan / Bapak Wirdja / Bapak Kartami / Court orchestra Kangjeng Kyai Guntur Madu from Solo.

This CD, which is a co-production with the Berlin Ethnological Museum, is a sample of the larger Mantle Hood collection of 164 reel-to-reel tapes representing more than 80 hours of music and improvisations of principal Javanese gamelan musicians in Yogya, Solo and Bandung in the 1950s. The recordings capture improvisation rooted in a truly Javanese traditional rote system of learning during a pivotal era before the widespread influence of western-modelled conservatory pedagogy.

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