Baudouin de Jaer - 34 Pieces for Gayageum CD 23843
[Sub Rosa]

Baudouin de Jaer - 34 Pieces for Gayageum CD 23843
Gayageum Sanjo, compositions for 12-string Gayageum, Prelude, 5 sanjo and 10 studies Composer, violonist, Baudouin de Jaer studied composition with Philippe Boesmans, Henri Pousseur, Frederic Rzewski and at McGill University (Montréal) with Bruce Mather. He composes for the Korean instruments Daegeum, Haegeum, Gayageum and Geomungo, and for orchestras of Korean traditional instruments. Each and every 34 pieces carries its own unique musical color sparking brightly with its distinctive luster just like a precious jewel. I think his Gayageum CD is something like a set of 34 pieces of jewels threaded onto a string. His Gayageum music opens up a unprecedented world of Gayageum music to us and each piece is as much attractive and musically tasty as other pieces. I could not help but feeling for more music listening to the 34th track, the last piece of this CD.