Eric Boros - Hell’s Hollow CDR 27647
[Recordings for the Summer]

Eric Boros - Hell’s Hollow CDR 27647
"Hell's Hollow" is a collection of field recordings by Eric Boros, requested for this CD project by Michael Barthel. Barthel asked for recordings made within the vicinity of various locations Boros has lived in, and furthermore, that he not divulge the exact coordinates nor the nature of said places. With the inspiration and ideas from each audio piece, Barthel composed imaginary textile landscapes, photos of which are presented in the accompanying 8-page booklet.

As of the first track, "Hell's Hollow", the listener is situated in a vaguely recognisable sonic territory, yet as it progresses the temporality of this space is broken. The following tracks, "Amphitrite Point" and "Green Lake", further this disintegration, providing a deeper sense of disorientation. An ominous level of risk and intense unease is present in these recordings, yet the specificity of each environment is left to the listener to interpret.

Eric Boros is a multidisciplinary sound artist, known for his experimental underground cassette work under the name Hermit in the 1990ies, as well as with Vialka and various other international projects. This is his first release using only field recordings as a sound source.

Edition of 30 numbered copies.


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