Knaekkede Stemmer - Andet Portraet MC 27094
[Lust Vessel]

Knaekkede Stemmer - Andet Portraet MC 27094
"Andet Portræt" is a full-length acoustical shadowgraph from Knækkede Stemmer, a substantive project founded by Mikkel Rørbo, a sound and visual artist based in Denmark, also know for running the label Dokumentarisk Agenda and previous project as Alleypisser particularly. This album consists of 5 chapters over 70 minutes in total through introspection obscura. Limned with smeary tape manipulation featuring body sounds, voice, acoustic instruments and field recordings along with taciturn synthesizers works. Just put all the light out and close your eyes. Then the disquieting silence shall speak eloquently. Secret rumination in internal desolation.

Professionally duplicated on Chrome Extra tape; The ultimate quality TYPE II/high-bias tape. Comes with b/w xerox 5 panel heavy card stock and 5 pieces of hand-assembled b/w xerox sheets. Strictly limited to 165 copies