Erik Enocksson - Apan LP 26847
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Erik Enocksson - Apan LP 26847
'Apan' was written as a companion piece for the Swedish film of the same name, English title “The Ape” – directed by fellow swede Jesper Ganslandt. In the early process of creating the film it became obvious that it should not contain any music, and that is how we know the film, with all it’s crushing silence. Meanwhile the music that Erik Enocksson wrote and recorded, inspired by the film is one of the most piercing and beautiful pieces of modern film score. Based solely around synthesizer and bass and depending largely on tape saturation of those, it is the noisiest piece to be found in Erik Enocksson’s stunning catalogue. It is also maybe one of the strongest; the balance between the loudness of his machinery and the fragility of the compositions is a both violent and extremely beautiful experience.

Other soundtracks by Erik Enocksson include Jesper Ganslandt’s movie from 2006, Farväl Falkenberg (Falkenberg Farewell), aswell as Henrik Hellström & Frederik Wenzel’s Man tänker sitt (Burrowing, 2009) & Paul Wright’s For Those in Peril (2013)

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