Climax Denial - In the Absence of Self-Control LP 26373

Climax Denial - In the Absence of Self-Control LP 26373
Edition of 99 copies. For over a decade, Climax Denial has been exploring a unique and evolving approach to the power-electronics genre. Beginning with his debut tape on Hospital Productions, and following with dozens of other sought-after releases: peerless in their stalker/submissive debauchery. Alex Kmet with his Climax Denial project practically bathes in its own urgent sexuality, stalking through each album with glassy eyes and a raging boner, just like the protagonists of all of those classics you are tempted to put away when mom/girlfriend/straight-job friends come over. In an age where many of his peers are doing their part to look beyond perverse sexuality, or perhaps expressing it in more poetic terms, Climax Denial rings true like the last of the old-school perverts, a man as terrifying as he is abject. In The Absence Of Self-Control is Climax Denial's first full-length LP and features all new material. Teasing with elements of dark ambient restraint, coyly manic vocals, and anxious industrial texture; we are presented with an unnerving composition of lovingly lecherous soundscapes.

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