Jason Crumer - Let there be Crumer CD 24072
[Second Layer]

Jason Crumer - Let there be Crumer CD 24072
New full-length in 6 panel digipack with gloss finish. "If one has to pick up just a few examples of noise artists who stand above the usual scene activity of flooding regular noise releases, perhaps Crumer comes as one example? His every album has been significantly different, making a point of actually owning every piece of work. Let There Be Crumer is refining his methods and showing skills of combining harsh noise to deep drones and experimental sound manipulations. While saying ?harsh noise? and ?drone? may raise questions like: so what? I may add that, instead of being the end of it, they are merely elements in Crumer?s work where the key word should be: composition. This is an album in the pure musical sense. It?s not a collection of tracks, it?s not a rugged selection of sounds pressed on a disc. Every move seems to be planned and then executed with precision. Tension is built by moments like repetition of loops and cold ethereal droning until reaches a climax of of vivid and amazingly hectic noise. (...)" - Special Interests.