Brian Ruryk - Cycle of Fords 6CDR-Box 22994
[Beniffer Editions]

Brian Ruryk - Cycle of Fords 6CDR-Box 22994
Highly recommended 6xCD set by Brian Ruryk. Sounds like 20 accoustic guitars falling down a metal-staircase. "6 cd's of no holds barred cut-up confusion by my favourite canadian. Using the acoustic guitar as who-knows-what (concept!?!), Ruryk maims, affronts and kicks his axe in the pendulous motherload - does most anything that doesn't involve delving into a red-hot blues detour. With filing cabinets succumbing to Newtonian laws and lids of wet cat food spraying sonic juice and deflecting off of an overturned cassette footstool, there is not much of nothing going on, if that makes sense. 6 discs in screenprinted envelopes inside a 1/4 reel box with an insert."