John Mannion - Slice through or/in Glassmetal LP 22236
[Hanson Records]

John Mannion - Slice through or/in Glassmetal LP 22236
John Mannion is a member of the Red Light Collective operating out of Rockaway, NY and breeding intense electronic music acts like Yellow Tears, Halflings, Cowards, Teeny Bopper, and John's Cathode Terror Secretion. "Slice Through or/in Glassmetal" is his debut LP and is a three years in the making document of extreme electronic composition. A ultra dynamic mix of modern classical, electronic, noise, and power electronics techniques. Kind of makes me think of what it may have been like if Penderecki made a power electronics record. Whirling electric box fan, piercing electronics, junk metal clang, screeching violins, harsh and whispered vocals, and haunting vocals by opera singer Caitlin Haughney.

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