Atrax Morgue - Red Box 5CD-Box 28219

Atrax Morgue - Red Box 5CD-Box 28219
The main manifesto of Atrax Morgue is the analysis of the death, his perfection and complete habituation: injections of death to continue to live. The putrescence is palpable, and one could almost smell and taste the miasma of decay that pervades the entire box. Anxiety, alienation and hypochondria turn into a deep paranoia in pain. Without hesitation, the bodies are emptied, leaving the field to an electronics purulence of rare power disconcerting. The psychopathological sound is white, painful and horrific; creates a mental alteration that initiates brutal operation of psychic surgery, neuroses and split personality. Crosses terrifying rooms lit by neon lights, corridors filled with gruesome tools, machines of blood and bits of human tissue floating in jars of formalin. The hum of the synth, the roar of noise and fights razor are often repeated loops, where each track has a compact structure, following the main theme (of death).

Urashima continue the tribute to the degenerate art of Atrax Morgue with an astonishing red wooden box with five CD that include reissue of eleven terrific titles from his legendary label Slaughter Productions!

CD 1 - In search of death / Exterminate

CD 2 - Esthetik of a corpse / Catch my agony

CD 3 - Collection in formaldeide / Mechanic asphyxia

CD 4 - Death-orgasm connector / Sweetly

CD 5 – Woundfucker / Homicidal / An expression of psychic masochism


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