Anastasia Ax & Lasse Marhaug - Objects to be destroyed MC 28039

Anastasia Ax & Lasse Marhaug - Objects to be destroyed MC 28039
Artist Anastasia Ax meets with noise veteran Lasse Marhaug in a live performance of disruptive sound and action. Recorded in January 2018 as part of Greg Pope's film screening series of the same name, the cassette documents the duo’s foray in transgressive action.

Ax’s performative art is already situated at the flux of energy, construction and deconstruction; often using live action, sculpture, drawing ink and sound to create powerful installation work. Augmented here by the audio input of Marhaug, the two energised a room at the Tromsö Kunstforening in an evolving series of raw and dynamic acts. Featuring live electronics and amplified actions that concern themselves equally with the human body and the chaotic material that surrounds it, the cassette documents vividly the energy within the sounds of this performance. Greg Pope’s photographic snaps also offer glimpses at some of its progression, giving us a taste of the decisiveness that is ultimately captured within the tape. Elsewhere, the sound of vocals or the syncopation of laughter breaks through the heavy din of Marhaug’s electronics, unifying the two artists’ gestures in immediacy and essential nature.

Edition of 80 copies