Russell Haswell - Double A 12“ 26543

Russell Haswell - Double A 12“ 26543
Russell Haswell strikes bone on this 2-track, 20 minute follow-up to the napalm massage of 'Conceptual nO!se' for Poland's Bocian label, and his fearsome split with Pain Jerk for Editions Mego. It also marks his return to the catalytic Diagonal imprint after the deviant blatz of his '37 Minute Workout' LP in early 2014, which was hailed at No.11 in The Quietus albums of the year so far. 'Double A' renders Russell at his slyest and most honest, presenting spasmodic, un-edited improvisations belying influence from the pivotal epoch of diamond-cut 80s freestyle, industrial and Detroit techno. Depending on your perspective, they're either splintered, tetchy DJ tools or skeletal nO!se inversions. Either way, they bristle and spark with a compulsive nervous energy and disciplined impulse control that's Haswell to the core: challenging, uncompromising and bloody crucial. On the A-side, 'Foxy' sparks manic hi-hat chatter and bruxist squall masticated with unpredictable intensity, angled and affective like a box of knock-off fireworks hoyed at the floor. Stand back and watch 'em scatter. On the flip, the mercurial sleight-of-hand at play in 'One Take Dub No Edit' gestures the hard-ass chops of 12' bonus beats and the show-off breakdown edits of Carlos Berrio or The Latin Rascals. A non-stop, one-shot flashback to a vital time when futurist Latin freestyle and industrial funk were the dancer's choice.