Vainio / Drumm / Dörner / Capece - Venexia LP 25920

Vainio / Drumm / Dörner / Capece - Venexia LP 25920
Quite often musicians from different sonic languages are seen being put together, in an attempt to be prompted into developing unexpected works. Vainio, Drumm, Dörner and Capece have many strong points in common, that have been executed within different contexts. The music map is generally divided into categories that are determined by it’s most evident and often banal elements; if it has beats or not, if it is quiet or loud, if it has raw material or a carefully worked aesthetic. These four musicians have been working using all the previous elements, but these elements did not determine the music; instead they were used at the service of deeper ideas related to time and perception. How the sound of our environment can become music; how music can be attractive without telling a story; the work of sound in it’s extreme: noise, granular and delicate, digital, electronic, instrumental extended techniques, preparations. Kevin Drumm and Axel Dörner started working together in the late 90′s as part of a trio with Paul Lovens. As a duo they released an influential album on Erstwhile Records. Vainio and Drumm met in 2005 in Australia, both as part of the touring festival What is Music? and although both musicians declared to have had a great time touring the country, they never actually played together. Drumm’s and Vainio’s music is often compared by critics. Capece has released a duo CD on L’Innomable label with Axel Dörner and a trio with Dörner and tubist Robin Hayward on Azul Discográfica label from New York. Dörner and Capece have worked on several projects together, including a residency with Keith Rowe working on ‘Treatise’ by Cornelius Cardew. Mika Vainio and Lucio Capece have released the album ‘Trahnie’ – an album they worked on tgether for three years, and have also played several concerts as a duo.