Sissy Spacek - California Ax 4CD 00979

Sissy Spacek - California Ax 4CD 00979
Up to this point Sissy Spacek have only released 4 proper albums, all of which could probably be squeezed together onto one CD. What we have in this release is 4 new full length albums recorded throughout 2007.

Tinsel Dripping Ink (disk 1) is 26 tracks in 45 minutes covering all territory from grindcore, noise, electro-acoustic improv, musique concrete, noisecore, and electronics. It's primarily made up of new work, but also roots through the cutting floor for the best bits that didn't make it onto previous efforts for one reason or another, with a few tracks dating as far back as 1998.

Police (disk 2) is 11 tracks in 40 minutes of electro-acoustic improv with girls on drums.

Abreq Ad Habra (disk 3) gets it's title from an Arabic phrase pre-dating "Abracadabra" that translates "hurl a lightning bolt even unto death" which we'll choose to misread as "hurl an even lightning bolt until death." This disc contains the most raw recordings Sissy Spacek have ever released, the first being a 40 minute inferno recorded on KXLU and the second from a 20 minute live set in 2002 in St. Louis.

13-Tet Los Angeles (disk 4) is a live document of a 13 piece lineup that performed two sets at The Smell in Los Angeles in December 2007 and is also the first live performance of a score by John Wiese.

There are also many contributors to this set aside from original members of John Wiese and Corydon Ronnau: Mitchell Brown, Sarah Cake, Kevin Drumm, Gerritt, Kate Hall (Mika Miko), Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye), Aaron Hemphill (Liars, Skull Skull), Jesse Jackson (Flaspar), Greg Kelley (Nmperign), Tim Koh (White Magic, Ariel Pink), Danny McClain (Grand Ulena), Giles Miller, Oblivia (Smegma), Andy Ortmann (Panicsville), Sam Ott (The Fucking Angels), Tom Recchion (Airway, LAFMS), Damion Romero (Speculum Fight), Jarrett Silberman (Skull Skull, Young People), Dean Spunt (No Age), David Scott Stone (Melvins, Get Hustle), and Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pileup).