Sissy Spacek - 15-Tet Oakland CD 22424
[Misanthropic Agenda]

Sissy Spacek - 15-Tet Oakland CD 22424
A historic line-up, featuring players from all over the northern California musical underground: Mitchell Brown (Gasp, Professor Cantaloupe), George Chen (KIT), Vice Cooler (KIT), Paul Costuros (Death Sentence: Panda!, Total Shutdown), Chris Dixon (DS:P!), Tony Dryer, Jacob Heule (Etteric), Loachfillet (Caroliner), Kanoko Nishi, Gino Robair, Corydon Ronnau, Amanda Warner (0th, MNDR), Kim West (DS:P!), John Wiese, and Gerritt Wittmer (Deathroes). Since the inception of the band Sissy Spacek in 1999 by core members John Wiese and Corydon Ronnau, the primary focus has been on small tight groups playing small tight music. The first large ensemble was a 13-Tet in Los Angeles (documented on the California Ax 4xCD set released by Helicopter) which was guided by a graphic score. The two sets (and encore) in this documentation are a collective improvisation based on simple instructions recorded at 21 Grand in Oakland, California. Limited edition of 300 packaged in full color digipak.

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