Wolf Eyes & John Wiese - Equinox CD 00368

Wolf Eyes & John Wiese - Equinox CD 00368
"Equinox is the fourth collaboration between WOLF EYES and JOHN WIESE. Following several John Olson-produced releases on his American Tapes label, Equinox is the first collaborative album produced by Wiese and features the lineup of Aaron Dilloway, John Olson, Nate Young, and John Wiese. "After jamming onstage early in this period at the Casbah in San Diego and using the material to put out the "Live" 7-inch--this CD further pushes the electronic confusion hurricane into truly brain fungus clawing vine sound territory. Wiese's horror/librarian approach to noise sculpture and his surgical skillz at scattering sound is fully matched and paired with the lurking, sweating Anti-Intelligence live Wolf Bombast. Including totally strange piece with the crew watching fireworks in Echo Park and chuckling it up with brews in hand after a three hour drive from homeland Michigan. Hopefully your CD player in car will spit this disgusting sound platter back at you to stuff inside a lacquered decay piece of road killed raspberry splatter babies."--John Olson"