Davide Mosconi / Inez Klock / Gustavo Bonora - Archi LP23639
[Alga Marghen]

Davide Mosconi / Inez Klock / Gustavo Bonora - Archi LP23639
Limited Edition of 330 copeis. Issued for an art event recently presented at the Galleria Milano in the first week of April 2012, the recordings on this LP edition represent a very specific and intimate moment in the creative sound production of Davide Mosconi with NADMA associates Inez Klok and Gustavo Bonora. 'Archi' (i.e. 'Strings') features cellist and violinist Gustavo Bonora (a founding member of Il Quartetto, the core of what would become the larger improvising ensemble NADMA), harpist Inez Klok (also member of the NADMA as well as involved in Aktuala) and Davide Mosconi. This improvisation was recorded on September 24th, 1974, one year after the publication of the only NADMA LP by RCA. The continuous, fluid music of 'Archi' perfectly succeeds in expressing the parallel influences of ecstatic Afro-American ethnic music and of the contemporary neo-avant-gardes.