The Swifter (Nilsen, Belfi, Phillips) LP 27186
[Touch / The Wormhole]

The Swifter (Nilsen, Belfi, Phillips) LP 27186
Drums & percussion: Andrea Belfi
Electronics: BJNilsen
Piano: Simon James Phillips

Recorded by Mattef Kuhlmey at the Grunewaldkirche, Berlin, September 2011.

The Swifter's debut album documents the first encounter of the three musicians. Recorded live in the Grunewald Church, Berlin, careful attention was given to capturing the unique resonant acoustic offered by the airy, stone building, exhibiting the broad palate of aesthetic qualities the group are able to create. Subtly evolving sound worlds that evoke, at times, the loneliness within a ship’s hold; a relentlessly driven wall of harmonically rich sound or a sonic fog that lifts to reveal a delicate instrumental discourse.

Nilsen sources material from the soundboard of the giant Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand played by Phillips. This setup facilitates a oneness of sound that Nilsen subtly manipulates to either augment or contrast against the unique sonic world of Phillips’ playing – which is carefully punctuated or driven by Belfi’s distinctive style.

The album's cover features double-exposure photography shot by Chris Bigg (David Sylvian/4AD). Available as a limited edition vinyl LP and as FLAC download on The Wormhole, a byproduct of The Tapeworm.