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Pharoah Chromium - Electric Cremation 2LP 22605

Pharoah Chromium - Electric Cremation 2LP 22605
Pharoah Chromium is a project by GHAZI BARAKAT, a Berlin musician and transformist, mostly known as a performance oriented rock'n'roll singer in bands such as the Golden Showers, Boy from Brazil, the Assassinations. Pharoah Chromium took its name from a Chrome song to create an entity channeling meta-music that goes beyond the usual conventions of his musical past. A sound-fiction novel where machines are used like life support devices. A cardiopulmonary bypass playing the soundtrack of your life. You have the right to turn it off!

ATOMIC SIDE: A musical reflection on the nuclear disaster of Fukushima. Contains a hebrew interpretation of the Elli et Jacno song "L'age atomique, suite et fin" by Israeli filmmaker Rebeca Ofek. FERAL SIDE: Five vignettes that deal with neo-brutalistic ideas, science-fiction, after-life and the occult. GHOST SIDE: Pharoah Chromiums interpretation of new age and world music with strong Kraut influences. ARABIC SIDE: Where the concept of Ethno-Doom reaches epic proportions. Shedding light and shadows on stereotypical fears of Islamophopbia. Based on 12 loops of two Turkish Saz-players from Kreuzberg, with concrete contributions from Tim Gane on the Voyager.