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Various - Three Ideophones 3x10" Box 25605

Various - Three Ideophones 3x10\" Box 25605
Onomatopee got into a quest for onomatopoeic qualities, whereby we refer to literal, auditory and visual qualities within one medium, and invited three artists to make this happen.

The title of the project is ‘three Ideophones’, a reference to the work of experimental music pioneer Dick Raaijmakers.

An oft-cited definition of the notion of ideophone is: ‘a vivid representation of an idea in sound. A word, often onomatopoeic and reduplicated, which describes a predicate, qualificative or adverb in respect to manner, color, sound, smell, action, state or intensity.’ For instance the word ‘Bling Bling’ is an ideophone. Multiple layers of meaning; sound, shiny, expensive or rich etc etc.

Two artists and one duo, Goodiepal (DK), Aeron & Alejandra (E/US) and Joerg Piringer (AT), have been challenged to produce their ‘Ideophone’. These artists can all be addressed to as ‘multidisciplinary artist’. In contrast with this conception, Onomatopee does not believe in multidisciplinary as ‘unity in diversity’, but believes in the idea of ‘unity’. We believe we can put forward the concept of the Ideophone as an accountable basis for this profession and, likewise, as a verb that serves the outcome of this project. The ideophone would serve as a motive, within the practice of the invited artists as well as for the challenge this project targets. In this Ideophone they captured the multiple layers of their artistic practice in one single object.

Extra insert: Inside the box is you will find a link to an extra track by Goodiepal available for download. This track is part of the entire 10" piece and should be played in sinc.