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Dieb 13 - Trick 17 LP 24938

Dieb 13 - Trick 17 LP 24938
Since the late 1980s, dieb13 is one of the european key figures in the harnessing of tape players, vinyls, CDs, hard dics and IP protocols as instruments. It's been a while since he has released his last Solo album.

Side A ("audible") is a 25 minute solo piece that he developed in an Ping Pong method between vinyl cutting machine and record turntable. It's the drivation of its own and has the classical form of the first movement of a 19th century symphony. Strongly dynamic structured and full of surprises. A classical kind of turntable music.

The B-Side ("visible") whereas, sounds like noise, periodically cut into pieces. Its repetitive psychedelic spiral character contrasts with the classical structured A-Side and with continous listening one can fall into a trance-like state of mind. But only upon closer look the B-Side artwork reveals the reason for its name. What is audible, is also visible here, and vice versa. The image, reproduced on the surface of side B is the result of an artwork for which dieb13 has not just written the music but programmed also the software.