Tonton Macoute - Mureedil LP 22093
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Tonton Macoute - Mureedil LP 22093
Tonton Macoute is a French band formed in 2006. With a stock of cheap instruments, the trio wanted to find a dense, subtle and massive sound, in order to create motorik soundscapes, psychedelic drones, electric hypnosis and timeless storms. Rehearsals and recordings took place in a basement. Using the studio as an instrument, all the tapes were re-worked to produce this LP record titled "Mureedil". Early listeners mentioned experimental rock and compared the music of Tonton Macoute to F/i, This Heat, Harmonia or Sonic Arts Union. Etienne Coussirat : guitar, keyboards, drums, percussions, etc. / Emmanuel Holterbach : guitar, tapes, analog synth, etc. / Jacques Masson : guitar, bass, organ, etc. Recorded from February to June 2006. Edited, mixed and mastered at Studio Fluorescent, Lyon, France from August to November 2007