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Oreledigneur - Alpi LP 21726

Oreledigneur - Alpi LP 21726
Oreledigneur is the duo of giuseppe ielasi and renato rinaldi and 'alpi' is the new film by photographer and filmmaker armin linke. rinaldi followed linke?s shooting sessions between 2004 and 2009, recording on-location sound for the film, which was then edited and sound-designed by oreledigneur. the whole sound archive was used by ielasi to edit and compose (without any additional processing) those two sides, which bear very little resemblance to the final soundtrack of the film. the lp consists of a cinematic montage of very un-naturalistic field recordings, as in the spirit of the film: artificial ski tracks, maintenance machines, scientific laboratories, ski jumping ramps, military academies, broken equipment, tunnel resonances and a lot more. b/w printed cover on heavy cardboard, black vinyl (cut at dubplates & mastering, berlin), rubberstamped labels. numbered edition of 200 copies.