The Thoughts of Gilbert & George LP 27350

The Thoughts of Gilbert & George LP 27350
Gilbert & George – two people yet one artist – have created thousands of works since meeting in London in 1967 as students at Saint Martin’s School of Art.

"This vinyl LP record, published in a limited edition of 2,000 copies, each signed and numbered by Gilbert & George, is a new and unique artwork on which the sculptors revisit their first mature work, The Singing Sculpture (1968) -- their recording of Flanagan and Allen’s Depression- era song “Underneath the Arches” -- as if it were an old friend they had not seen in years, reminiscing with it and bringing their liaison up to date on their most recent art, thoughts and endeavors in the fashion of a radio show.

In an age of soundbites, Gilbert & George conceived The Thoughts of Gilbert & George to be savored as one would take in a picture or a radio-personality show in the predigital era. Not simply a visit to their past, it generously welcomes its listeners into their archives and studio to spend time with them and their art, deeply engaging with us from their world on the eastern edge of London and extending throughout our globe. "