Baktruppen - 1986-2008 3CD-Box 20925

Baktruppen - 1986-2008 3CD-Box 20925
Baktruppen was an artist collective (1986–2011), founded in Bergen, Norway. The group has had a substantial impact on European live art. The performative work of Baktruppen consisted of theatre and dance performances, performance art, invisible theatre, video art, radio programs,sound art, site specific art, and politically motivated actions.

Baktruppen was marked by artistic research going beyond the aesthetics and towards a social space. Baktruppen questioned the idea of ritual in theatre, and introduced the ambient space with a playful and ironic approach to the postmodern. Play became a frame for communication with the audience, and a point of departure for a deconstructivist view of the world expressed through their art. Notions of “professionalism” and “dilettantism” were questioned.

Exaggeration and confusion are aspects that characterize Baktruppen’s work. The troupe constantly positioned itself in the uncertain gap between the known and the unknown and operated with a dual awareness where they toy with the distinctions between play/seriousness, fiction/reality, center/periphery, and different identities. One may say that Baktruppen's work reflects the carnivalesque in a postmodern form.

"To put Baktruppen into a box could appear to be a contradiction in terms. They have always moved outside the comfortsone of habit, staging their events in tunnels, galleries, libraries and sports arenas - just as well as the more traditional avant-garde theatre houses over the entire world. Finally - they are ready for institutionalisation - on a record label. The result is yet another story, the story behind their history over the last 22 years: 3 CDs with talkative, scientific, noisy, sentimental, ridiculously funny and plan and simply stupid recordings from a crew of artists that have energized every stage they have ever performed on. Recorded throughout Europe in the period 1986-2008. Mastered by Tanja Khanthasotorn.

Performers: Øyvind Berg, Ingvild Holm, Per Henrik Svalastog, Bo Krister Wallström and Worm Winther.