Ghédalia Tazartès & GOL - Alpes LP 25035
[Alga Marghen]

Ghédalia Tazartès & GOL - Alpes LP 25035
The sixth Gollaberration features a rather odd encounter indeed! It all happened when matchless vocalist Ghédalia Tazartès challenged GOL dada-style quartet. Ghédalia threw in the game his pan-africanasian singing techniques blending gypsy, jewish and trans-continental flavor. GOL exceeded on Electric Mandoline, Jew’s Harps, Percussions, Janotron, Flutes, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electronic Garage and Voice. Together with Ghédalia they developed into what became a "bal musette" for mentally disabled. Reaching at some points the sides of rock that doesn't roll, this sonic attack jumps from topic to topic as a ritualistic anthology of unknown "ritournelles". Edition of 400 copies.

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