Ghédalia Tazartès - Check Point Charlie 2LP 24648

Ghédalia Tazartès - Check Point Charlie 2LP 24648
Born in Paris in 1947, Ghédalia Tazartès started singing when he was twelve-year-old, creating his own language. He began a professional career in dance, theatre, cinema, while still giving some occasional concerts and publishing a few albums, each one of them an acclaimed masterpiece. Recorded in 1989 and originally released by Aaya in 1990, Check Point Charlie is the first work by Tazart?s conceived for the compact disc format and its different time boundaries. The result is a sixty-minute long collection of layered field recordings combined into a polyphonic ceremony filled by his typical multi-tracked vocals, between a gibberish scream and the muezzin?s call to prayers. A unique record that - after almost 25 years - it's finally enjoyable with the depth of sound that only a vinyl release can give. Edition of 400 copies.

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