Nicolas Wiese & Mise_en_Scene - Introjection CD 25310
[Los Discos Enfantasmes]

Nicolas Wiese & Mise_en_Scene - Introjection CD 25310
New collaboration between Israeli electronic musician Shay Nassi and German media artist Nicolas Wiese. A 45-minute-long collection of dense, dynamic, ambiguos and twisted atmospheric pieces. The title 'Introjection' refers to a psychoananlytical term, which here can be understood in a sense of mass psychology. Undigested and unquestioned fragments of ideology, of social behaviour, of surrounding opinion and values are being swallowed and internalized be the individual in an act of both self-defense and self-mutilation. It's active and passive at the same time, it's invasive and passive-aggressive. It's the foundation of social identity construction. Comes in custom die-cut fold-out sleeve. Edition of 200 copies.