Kein Zweiter - Muskeln + Kraft = Überlegenheit 20084
[90% Wasser]

Kein Zweiter - Muskeln + Kraft = Überlegenheit 20084
"Since the start in 1989 Kein Zweiter consists of Gort Klüth and Klaus-Helene Ramp. (...) But two released demo-tapes and a few live-performances didn't produce any response. Beside that fact problems between Klüth and Ramp lead to the end of Kein Zweiter in 1993. For 5 years: silence! In 1998 both members decided to reanimate Kein Zweiter. Several recordings were done and in 2000, a yet not released 7inch ("Dein Armband schmatzt") was recorded. After getting in contact with the producers Afanassi Viebeg and J?rgen Eckloff the recordings for the first album started. That was in 2003. Now "Muskeln und Kraft = ?berlegenheit" is released via 90% Wasser. The Kein Zweiter sound has changed a lot during the years. Carsten Vollmer of OX-Fanzine described it as "minimal psycho-pop somehow like DAF during their best phase in the early 80's but more subtile and filigrane". But don't expect a simple DAF-copy! By the help of Viebeg & Eckloff the first album is a brilliant piece of electronic pop-music with influences of early DAF, the strenght & power of some Laibach-recordings and lyrics somewhere between Foyer de Arts and Berthold Brecht with a sense of humor. The electronic weirdness, Viebeg & Eckloff are well-known for, expanded the classic sound of Kein Zweiter to a realy fresh mixture of various styles. If you're searching for a really new combination of the good old and the never-heard new - "Muskeln und Kraft = Überlegenheit" should be something for you!" Edition of 500 copies.