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Günter Schickert & Pharoah Chromium - OXTLR 3LP 26103

Günter Schickert & Pharoah Chromium - OXTLR 3LP 26103
New Triple-LP set in luxurious fold-out cover. "OXTLR is the result of contemporary works of Günter Schickert. Indeed, while discs of the 70's by Günter Schickert are now reissued, it seemed interesting to complement this with a production of his research today, and also its collaboration with Pharaoh Chromium. A mental journey in solar atmospheres sometimes, sometimes completely frozen. The sounds will orbit as these distant planets of our solar system, beyond the asteroid belt. An anxious disk, listening aboard the Nostromo.

Günther Schickert was a part of the explosively creative krautrock scene in Germany in the 1960′s and 70′s. Mostly a background figure, his music has remained largely obscure and unknown – and undeservedly so. Although it bears resemblance to kraut legends such as Achim Reichel, who developed a similar playing technique, and Manuel Göttsching of Ash Ra Tempel, it works perfectly in and of itself. His two first, and best known, solo recordings, Samtvogel and Überfallig, are great examples of the kind of underground classics, that very few people have actually heard, but that a lot of people have heard of.

Pharoah Chromium is a project by German-Palestinian musician and performer Ghazi Barakat and was named after a song of the band Chrome. The project draws inspiration from diverse sources: free jazz, rituals from ancient past and near future, the dream syndicate, science fiction novels and neo-brutalistic architecture groups like Archizoom and Superstudio. Soundwise, it moves in waters close to the German sound of the psychedelic avant-garde of the 70's as well as industrial bands of the early 80's and uses ethnic instruments from the middle to the far east.