Vanligt Folk - Palle Bondo LP 27872
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Vanligt Folk - Palle Bondo LP 27872
Vanligt Folk is an unordinary trio based in Oslo and Gothenburg. This Scandinavian hope might just be what we all need to stay sane. They have their own sound, their own kingdom that draws inspiration from dub and electronic body music but that's only me guessing. They might just be as inspired by Palle Bondo whoever that is.

300 copies are made. White vinyl. Digitalism will be available too for those who are into that.

The lyrics and the idea of making Palle Bondo occurred when my daughter was born. My daughter and those like her are about to be extinct and the cleansing is accelerated and made possible by biomedical science and applauded by both the market forces and the public. The idea that my daughter and those like her should not live is a part of Mengele’s heritage, which, in its refined form, is maintained by the requirement of functionality and a paralyzing fear to deviate.
EUGENICS. Individuality is important (?)
But distinctive character can be tolerated at its height if it is actively choosing a particular style. Everything else that is considered different should be diagnosed, medicated or disposed of. But it’s the odd birds that sing the most beautiful. Always.
I’m daddy to my child.
My daughter is among other things retarded.
Palle Bondo is not her angel.
- Andreas, Halden 2017