Sewer Election - Nära LP 25899

Sewer Election - Nära LP 25899
Gothenburg´s finest is back with another fullength recording, offering a delicate and puzzling experience, showing new aspects to the audial works of Sewer Election. Chilling oscillating drones and field recordings woven into an intricate mixture, presenting a more personal sound than ever. Comes with bigger inlay with extensive liner notes by Matthias Andersson. Edition of 350 copies.

“Instigated with “Kassettmusik” (iDEAL, 2008) and its suffocating minimalism, carefully elaborated into the brutish musique concréte of “Bristning” (RTB, 2009) to later fully blossom into the crude reel-to-reel odysseys of “Vidöppna Sår” (PAN, 2010) and “Vittra Sönder” (Throne Heap, 2012), “Nära” pretty much feels like the perfect culmination of the Sewer Election explorations of the last five years or so. Perhaps the most laid back and mellow Sewer Election so far, “Nära” blends the now very beautifully executed tape-manipulations with sparse oscillating tones and a heavy but at the same time subtle use of everyday life recordings from the near surroundings.” - Matthias Andersson, Fördämning Fanzine - April 2014