Musiikkvyöri - Tulemme Sokeiksi CD 21613

Musiikkvyöri - Tulemme Sokeiksi CD 21613
retrospective CD compiling material by Musiikkivyöry ('music avalanche'). In addition to being a curious chapter in the endless saga of the post-punk era, this DIY document is also one of the finer, more elusive threads of the global cassette-culture scene. Originally issued in 1981, Musiikkivy?ry?s two tapes were the work of Mika Taanila, a 15-year-old who would grow up to become an internationally acclaimed filmmaker. This compilation features the key tracks from those micro-edition bedroom recordings. Musiikkivyöry's output is typical of the early 80s raw zeitgeist, but with a timeless, teen-anguish twist. Taanila heartily embraces punk?s total do-it-yourself ideal, yet his style is light years away from the conventional guitar groups of the day: Atonal riffs, home electronics, randomly cut-up radio sounds, noise, and primitive industrial weltschmertz blend into a rough, highly personalized whole.