Amph / Arv & Miljö - Nordiska Ljud Nr.1 LP 25355

Amph / Arv & Miljö - Nordiska Ljud Nr.1 LP 25355
In the series Nordiska ljud Järtecknet will present split Lp´s featuring Nordic acts. First out in the series is a split between Amph and Arv & Miljö. Amph shows a slightly diffrent approach this time, focusing on a less fragmentised and layered sound, creating a more nuanced and varied expression. In their 19-minute piece Nolde they explore new territories, showing a delicate sense for well-crafted sounds and composition. Arv & Miljö contributes with a conceptual piece, called Bilism, consisting of sounds deriving from traffic and highways. A rather demanding recording adding new and interesting aspects to the project. With a cold and distant sound, Bilism, puts you in the seat of the observer. A recording suitable for multiple rotations! Released in 220 copies.