Acre - Isolationist CD 22075

Acre - Isolationist CD 22075
"After years of painfully limited cassette and cd-r releases, aaron davis has created his most definitive and ambitious work as acre to date. "isolationist" is the first official full-length from one of portland's most enigmatic and respected figures of the northwest's fervent experimental music underground. the album features a new track recorded during the summer of 2009, exhibiting the slow yet subtle and highly-detailed electronic undulations that has largely characterized davis' work as acre. alongside this new piece are two completely remastered tracks from the original "painless" cd-r released on the students of decay label in a criminally limited edition of 75 copies in 2008. a record which unequivocally celebrates davis' years of painstaking effort mastering the minimalism of room crushing frequencies, this album represents the most essential and first widely available acre release. recorded by aaron davis in portland, oregon, mastered by thomas dimuzio at gench studios in august 2009. graphic design and artwork by brandon nickell. printed on spot-varnish fluorescent orange matte jackets; limited edition of 500 copies on compact disc."