Idea Fire Company - Postcard 7" 23289

Idea Fire Company - Postcard 7\" 23289
Idea Fire Company was founded by Scott Foust and Karla Borecky in 1988. Although not nearly as prolific as most bands nowadays - perhaps because of the care that goes into each release - IFCO has released seven full-length albums (all on its Swill Radio imprint), most notably Anti-Natural (1999), Stranded (2005), and The Island of Taste (2008). In 2006, IFCO did a short European tour with Frans de Waard joining the core duo. (Results of this tour can be heard on the Vital CD [Swill Radio, 2006]). This single was recorded at Frans? studio in Nijmegen during rehearsals for the tour, and marks IFCO's first release on the 7" format. First Edition of 200 copies in vacuum-sealed screenprinted plastik-package.