Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra - Humiliated CD 22958
[Tochnit Aleph]

Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra - Humiliated CD 22958
MATTIN (computer feedback, voice, guitar) and " " (sic) TIM GOLDIE (drums, voice, credit card, amplifier). Recorded and Mastered by Rashad Becker October 2007 & July 2008, Edited and mixed by Mattin and " " (sic) Tim Goldie at Worm, Rotterdam, January 2008. Edition of 500 copies, with 2 double-sided A5 cards packaged in oversized luxurious metallic silver foil envelope with sticker attached.

"Absolutely fucking insane. the weirdest record i have heard for a LONG time!! The eccentricity/ form destruction of say ULTRA but more slick, like a cheetah applying lipstick on a coke mirror. Like if you record humidity. wild mix of sexy cymbals, (non) accident vocals/child sighs, makes William Bennett sound like Moira Stewart.
and once more
its like taking one massive shit and then it grows a mouth and starts talking back???
arachnophobia toilet scene style.
w/ heavy last seconds unpaused tape AARGH style."
- Stephen Warwick

"Defusing preconceptions of what a live event should be and degrading its components - the sound, the performance, the audience - without imposing aesthetic or moral limits: this is the reason for being of Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra, the project born in 2001 from the minds of two of the most unpredictable and 'conceptual' contemporary sonic activists: Mattin and " "[sic] Goldie. Ferocity and immobility, instruments abused and unused, musicians zombiefied in their 'stage persona' and in general the sense of psychosis, of necessary superfluousness that gushes from every gesture, from each decision taken by this anglo-basco duo make their live event an experience that is all but impossible to relate to, at least until they've stripped you of the costuming of dominant culture."
- Valerio Tricoli