Born of Six (Christer-Hennix/Cuni/Durand) - Svapiti CD 25296
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Born of Six (Christer-Hennix/Cuni/Durand) - Svapiti CD 25296
Catherine Christer Hennix - drone voice, Amelia Cuni - solo voice, mirliton, bamboo resonator, Werner Durand – invented wind instruments, drones. Born Of Six, featuring Amelia Cuni, Catherine Christer Hennix and Werner Durand, create exemplary drone compositions rooted in the traditions of Dhrupad, Early Minimalism and Just Intonation. Composed by Durand ,Cuni, Hennix, Svapiti is one long composition measuring 55 minutes in length. "A solid foundation is the best basis for the fundamental." Narada´s exposition of the seven notes begins as follows: Because Sadja (the Tonic) arises from the combination of nose, throat, chest, palate, tongue, and teeth, it is known as "six-born." CD is housed in a 6 panel digipack on thick board stock with a matte laminate coating & spot-gloss.