Charlemagne Palestine - Bells Studies LP 26407
[Alga Marghen]

Charlemagne Palestine - Bells Studies LP 26407
High up in a tower, accessible only by a spiral staircase that led to a concrete platform above the whole city, for seven years Charlemagne Palestine's HellsBells became the sonic mainstay of NYC 53rd and 5th. This LP collects some of the most relevant recordings from those early days. Side A presents "Bells Studies", the complete reel-tape that gives the title to the whole LP, an intense pulsating work built in five movements starting with slow hypnotic large sonorities and accelerating into more dense and maximal explosions. Side B collects some shorter Studies: "Bells", the two parts of "Confiscated Bell Tape" and an excerpt from "Dumb Bell Tape". each track recorded by the composer in one single take around 1965 and never heard again for the last 50 years! Edition of 350 copies.