Pauline Oliveros - Primordial / Lift 2LP 24033

Pauline Oliveros - Primordial / Lift 2LP 24033
This double vinyl record contains the previously unreleased 2nd performance of "Primordial / Lift" from 25 September 2010. The 1st performance of this work, which took place in 1998, was released on CD in both edited and full-length versions. Interpreting a score penned by Oliveros in 1998, Anne Bourne, Andrew Deutsch, Miguel Frasconi, David Grubbs, Jason Huang and Suzanne Thorpe joined Oliveros at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn to divulge this bizarre and surreal sound work. Centered around a low frequency oscillator, the group swirls cello, voice, sampler, glass drones, e-guitar, violin and V accordion into a molten mass dropped from outer space. Edition of 500 in heavy gatefold sleeve.

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