Charlemagne Palestine - Two Electronic Sonorities LP 23640
[Alga Marghen]

Charlemagne Palestine - Two Electronic Sonorities LP 23640
Limited Edition of 380 copies. These previously unpublished pieces confirm once more how advanced was his Golden Research already in the 1960s, a very personal approach to sound which would have later become so influential for future generations.

"Continuous Sound", built by an ever-changing mix of adding and filtering white noise and simple sine tone generators, is the most solid sound construction that Charlemagne created in preparation of his lost electronic masterpiece L'Avventura, inspired by the Michelangelo Antonioni movie with the same title. Continuous Sound pre-dates L'Avventura of just a few months and with its suspended atmospheres and its deep sense of mystery represent one of the most fascinating sonic works by Charlemagne Palestine.

"Crown Chan" is an electronic music piece created for a dance by Gus Solomon in 1970. Conceiving music for dancers gave Charlemagne the possibility to experiment and manipulate the reel tapes of some of his electronic sonorities. In a previous collaboration with Gus Salomon, Charlemagne created a new sound by simply superimposing two already existing and accomplished electronic drones. Holy1 and Holy2 thus became a completely new sonority titled Holy1+2 (these works were included in the CD titled Alloy, also issued by alga marghen). In the case of Crown Chan Charlemagne worked in a more structural way, shaping his electronic sound materials into two stereo reel tapes (titled Crown Chan 1&2 and Crown Chan 3&4) which also integrated silent parts and were meant to be played back simultaneously, thus providing a powerful live music for the dancers.