Eliane Radigue - Vice-Versa LP 28153
[Alga Marghen]

Eliane Radigue - Vice-Versa LP 28153
remastered version of “Vice-Versa, Etc…” LP originally included in the first 400 copies of the now sold out Eliane Radigue “Feedback Works” 2LP. “Vice-Versa, Etc...” was originally a small handmade box, signed and numbered, realized as art multiple on the occasion of a show at Lara Vincy’s gallery in 1970. The box contained a reel of magnetic tape and the instructions for use. It indicates that all playback speeds are possible, forward or backward, as well as any combination of two channels, on several recorders, ad libitum… This LP presents two versions done by Emmanuel Hoelterbach following the indications of Eliane Radigue to the letter, respecting her composition methods.

This edition limited to 300 copies includes an insert with liner notes.

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