Dave Phillips - Rise LP 27503
[Ideal Recordings]

Dave Phillips - Rise LP 27503
dave phillips rise LP ideal 144 edition of 300 release 31 december 2016

"nature brings forth renewal, using the same materials over and over. she doesn't know waste. what one life form excretes, is food for others - a multinomial network, a circular economy. even though species die out, there's by tendency a growth in range. nature doesn't manage itself statically in circles, but in increasingly complex spirals. in all of these processes, basic materials such as water remain unaltered.

human economy is mostly structured lineally. rapidly increasing amounts of raw materials are unearthed, used short-term and then "disposed of", often producing a poisonous mix of substances that is of no use to humans nor to other beings, but in fact often sickens and even kills. whole ecosystems are excavated, levelled, poisoned or they simply disappear silently, because natural cycles and networks are perforated too much. water, the single most important raw material of all life, has been permanently and thoroughly contaminated by humans.

fires, floods, droughts, heatwaves, quakes and increasing extinctions are telling us that we need a new way of living on and sharing this planet. telling us that we need to move away from the market fundamentalism that has become the greatest enemy of planetary health. telling us that we need to evolve. nature speaks - but do we listen?