Women in Electronic Music - 1977 CD 25063
[New World]

Women in Electronic Music - 1977 CD 25063
This first anthology of women's electronic music demonstrates great refinement and skill at work in a variety of different styles, several of which are unfamiliar or new even to those who follow contemporary music. Including pieces by Johanna M. Beyer (1938), Annea Lockwood (1975), Pauline Oliveros (1965), Laurie Spiegel (1974), Megan Roberts (1976), Ruth Anderson (1973/74), and Laurie Anderson (1977). The fact that these pieces are more listenable than that of the Sixties avant-garde does not point to a musical regression as some critics have overeagerly assumed when discussing modern works using, say, consonant harmonic structures. Rather, and I think this is common denominator for these pieces and something which women composers and artists have been instrumental in legitimizing again for this period in time, these works signify a new consciousness of the relationship of art to human life and the important and positive interaction which can be the role of a more personalized art in our day-to-day experience." -Charles Amirkhanian, August 1977

Music of the Spheres (1938) - Johanna M. Beyer
World Rhythms (1975) - Annea Lockwood
Bye Bye Butterfly (1965) - Pauline Oliveros
Appalachian Grove I (1974) - Laurie Spiegel
I Could Sit Here All Day (1976) - Megan Roberts
Points (1973-74) - Ruth Anderson)
New York Social Life (1977), Time to Go (1977) - Laurie Anderson