Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique LP 27308
[Fifth Dimension]

Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique LP 27308
France seems to be the secret kingdom of. Roger Roger (1911 - 1995), one of the most prolific composers and bandleaders in the field of electronic, experimental music and movie soundtrack music also known as library music, took a turn on the progressive side of the rather fresh electronic sounds back in 1969 under the pseudonym Cecil Leuter.

Minimalistic melodies embedded in arrangements of hissing, chirping and bubbling sounds,quite harmless instrumental tunes and creepy electronic noises are added to the entire picture.

The further you get through the whole record the more crazy the performances get. The album should rather please folks that love the more twisted and obscure late 60s experimental music and early electronics than pop fanatics.

Take a listen and trip through these strange lands of sound if you dare.