Pietro Grossi - Battimenti CD 27190

Pietro Grossi - Battimenti CD 27190
Pietro Grossi was one of the pioneers of the experimental musical scene in Italy. This CD show one of his visionary electronic works: “Battimenti”, an electronic work composed and realized in 1965, made by the 94 combinations of near frequencies, organized in groups of 2, 3, 4 and 5 sine waves. This coupling originates the “harmonic beatings”, overtones born out of the intersection of frequencies. Originally thought by Grossi has a “working material” for his famous electronic Studio di Fonologia Musicale (S 2F M), this work has, in itself, the ability to fascinate, as only the greatest artistic intuitions have. The rigour of Grossi’s working method creates an imaginary sound painting, that he later called “94 songs of XXth century’s anonimous”. It’s a composition that anticipated times and was contemporary to other masterpieces of modern music. A real forerunner of electronic minimalism that later occurred. The personality of Grossi and his passionate theories and music, make his new discovery obliged.